1. Affordable Housing

Objectives: Support and Community Development

While some Rideau-Rockcliffe neighbourhoods have the highest household income in the country, in others, as many as one-in three children live in poverty. The Ward needs greater investment to help neighbourhood that have been neglected. Ottawa has about 22,500 social housing units and waiting time for social housing is put to 5 years. The demand for social housing is much greater than the supply.

As City Councillor I would:

  • Focus on safety, health and sustainability of the housing units.
  • Encourage new, affordable accommodations by waiving building permit fees for residential construction of affordable rental units.
  • I would be committed to re-prioritizing city spending to improve Ottawa’s existing social housing stock.
  • I will work hard to making tools like ‘inclusionary zoning’ a priority to our local partners, and residents in the long-term goal of making it easier to provide affordable housing to the residents of the Ward.
  • I would improve the quality of life for residents by keeping their homes safe and affordable.
  • Enhance funding to undertake renovations and energy conservation upgrades.
  • Accessibility modification for the benefit of seniors and persons with disabilities.

Ensuring that people living in social housing have a safe and reliable place to live!

2. Youth

Objectives: Community Engagement, Develop a Youth Employment Strategy, At Risk Youth, Combat Crime with Art and Sports

As a young person, I firmly believe that the youth is the future of society. We are young no matter the sort of socio-economic background we come from. We want change to build a prosperous future, and that’s why we want to participate equally in the decisions that impact our lives. I want to be the candidate that young people will look up to, the candidate who will respond to the frustrations they face every day in their quest for social integration.

As City Councillor I would:

  • Partner with City’s Youth Summer Job
  • Connect Program for resident youth in the neighbourhood
  • Contact and collaborate with the various organizations offering initiatives aimed at young people 15-29 years old.
  • Develop workshops that will work closely with my office to develop leadership skills and sustainable communication.
  • I will work hard to promote the development of healthy and active children and youth as well as harmonious parental and family relationships.
  • A vote for me means that I will really think about how to best serve you, and the community in general.
  • I pledge to use the power of my office to combat any form of bullying on and off school grounds, by working in partnership with our local schools, mental health organizations, youth groups and community houses in addressing these issues in the most convenient way for all parties involved.
  • I will work hard to reduce child poverty, and create anti-poverty initiatives in aim to address poverty the local level and improve access to affordable and nutritious food for low income families.
  • If elected I will create a Youth Mentoring Basketball Program in the Donald St. Laurent area in hope of connecting young people to mentors and community leaders. Physical activity will not be limited to Basketball only, Career planning, goal setting and weekly presentations will be incorporated to help develop the program.

I am a big believer in more regular people and regular residents being involved in municipal politics!

3. Community Wellbeing

Objectives: Neighbourhood Revitalization Strategy, Engage Local Business (Overbrooke “Four Corners”), Accessibility, Connectivity, Safety, and CSST Project (New Edinburgh)

I believe in listening and the sharing of ideas, especially when it comes to improving the quality of life and building a better city. In 2017 the Ontario government passed the Safer School Zone Act. The legislation allows the City to designate residential neighbourhoods as 30 or 40km/h zones. As we increasingly focus the growth of our city towards a higher point developers, architects and planners need to come up with more thoughtful ways to build and preserve the heritage and landscape around us.

As City Councillor I would:

  • Pursue rigorous neighbourhood revitalization strategy for Montreal Road and St. Laurent area with the ultimate goal of constructing a vibrant and welcoming main street with a balanced transportation network that will allow residents and businesses to thrive.
  • I will work with landowners to develop a Master Plan for the key sites to help guide future redevelopments and ensure that improved connections are made to the adjacent residential areas.
  • I will work hard to engage local business to determine if there are any programs that could support local economic development.
  • Engage in Overbrook “Four Corners” project which the city has invested $75,000 at the intersection at Queen Mary and Lola streets to improve safety, beautification and community programming.
  • You can count on me to support convenient cycling lanes with better connectivity to existing routes.
  • To encourage the use of public transportation with improvement to bus shelter and better connection to St. Laurent transit station.
  • And to improve east-west community connectivity.
  • I promise to be a voice that will fight for the issues dear to residents, from heritage conservation issues to overseeing the Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel (CSST) project.

Rethinking urbanization for the well-being of the community.